Today I found this handy little chart that displays what size of cage you should have for the number of pigs you have! If at all possible, please use the preferred measurements, especially if you have boys! Boys often challenge one another and if there is not enough space, even a well bonded pair can end up fighting.
Were you aware of all these piggy breeds? I sure wasn’t! What breed(s) are your piggies?
Guinea Pig Care Tip of The Day!
Get large enough cages. You should allow 10.5 square feet of cage space (or a 2x4 C&C cage) as a minimum for 2 guinea pigs. However, the bigger the cage, the better! A hutch outside is NOT recommended as guinea pigs have a very limited temperature tolerance. Your guinea pigs will be better off if they are housed inside, where they will be safe, and where they can smell you, and also so that you can interact with them more.